Record Breaking Slot Winner

Now, let’s be straight every time we spin the reels on our favorite slot machine we are all hoping to win. But, just how much could you win? Millions, that’s how much and two of the biggest wins of all time.

One of the biggest benefits of playing slots online is the huge progressive jackpots that can be won. Ok, it’s reasonable to accept that there are very few people who win these massive jackpots. But, believe me, someone needs to win the jackpot and when they do it can change their lives forever. So, check out these two record-breaking jackpot wins and you know what. They only staked a small amount to take their big wins.

Record-Breaking Online Slot Jackpot win at Paddy Power

It’s fair to say that Paddy Power Games has a huge selection of online slots. But, the real standout is the massive selection of games that have huge jackpots to be won. For instance, the Jackpot King Deluxe is currently offering over three million pounds. But that is way short of the Record-Breaking Jackpot win that dropped in February 2019.

What would you say about winning £4.2 Million? Well, I know how I would feel. So it’s fair to say that when Sean Doyle from Northern Ireland scooped the biggest ever slots Jackpot on Paddy Power. He was over the moon and his life would never be the same again.

The great thing about this record jackpot win is that Sean is one top bloke. For instance, even though he had just won enough money not to work for a very long time. He went and turned up for work on time in the morning. I know what you are thinking, Why? Well, Sean is a chef by trade, and the night he won the Jackpot, he was prepping for the busiest day of the year – Valentine’s Day. I know this sounds too good to be true, but it is.

On the Eve of Valentine’s Day, Sean knew he would be working long into the night. So, when he finished his hard work, he was ready to have a little downtime. So at 10 pm, he decided to play the Movie Slot Mars Attacks. Which turned out to be the best thing he could ever have done. Because with just £10 bet, he went and hit the Jackpot King Deluxe. He himself admits that he was so overwhelmed with shock, that he actually turned his phone off because he could not bare to watch the numbers going up so fast. But when he got home and checked, the final figure was a whopping £4,283,863.55. Exhausted, he took himself off to bed and got up, as usual, to go to work and help his work colleagues out, what a top guy.

Now, his generosity does not stop there. Because when asked what he planned to do with his monster jackpot win. All of his focus was firmly placed on helping his Sister in New Zealand and other family members. Sean advised – “You wouldn’t believe the amount of people’s lives I am going to change with this win”. So, does he have any plans for himself? Well, it looks like he is going to make sure that he can take things a little easier in the future. Once, he has made sure that all his loved ones are all sorted out Sean plans to set up his own shop or cafe.

Well, I’m sure you will all agree. That is one amazing story and it could not have happened to a better person.

Two Huge Jackpot wins at Paddy Power in less than a Month

Let’s be fair, the chances of a big jackpot dropping is slim at the best of times. But, the guys at Paddy Power must have had a real shock when in February 2020, two Jackpot wins happened in less than a month. Ok, neither of these wins was anything like the record-breaking Jackpot win on Mars Attacks by Sean Doyle. However, it must be some kind of record and it certainly looks like February is the month to play the big Jackpot games at Paddy Power.

First off, was an Irish customer who decided to play one of the latest games at Paddy Power Casino – Age Of The Gods: Epic Troy. Amazingly, with just a forty cent bet, went and scooped £468,000. Yeah, you heard me right, just forty cents to take the Jackpot. Plus this was just twenty-four hours after the game was launched.

Now that’s not bad, but just a couple of weeks later on Paddy Power Games yet another huge Jackpot dropped. This time, it was a member from the UK who was playing Castle Pillager. The best bit is that he had only been a member for a month and had recently gone through a divorce. So it’s fair to say that he needed a bit of a pick-up. But when he scooped the jackpot of £542,000 there’s no doubt things had taken a turn for the better. When Paddy Power called him up, he said – “This could not have come at a better time and will truly have a massive impact on my life!”


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