Winning at Online Slots

Here at Movieslots, we have a great selection of online slot machines that are themed around famous films. It’s fair to say, that these themed slots are incredibly popular and that’s because they are fun. But the fun does slide quite a lot if the slot you are paying does not payout. So, how do you increase your chance of winning at online slots?

Yes, there is an overwhelming choice out there, but there are some simple things to look out for that will help. Don’t get carried away by the all singing and all dancing slot machines, they may have multiple payout options but they may have high volatility. Take a few moments to check out the additional information that is provided about the slot. Not only are you going to familiarise yourself with the paytables, but you will get vital information like the return to player.

How does RTP help you?

Put simply, it is a good indicator of how risky the slot is to play. Otherwise known as the volatility of the slot. There are heavy guidelines set in place for the gaming industry. So one of the key markers that need to be set in place is the Return to Player. Now, most slots that you look at will have an RTP of between 90% and 98%. An example is the Wishwood slot displayed on Jackpotjoy has an RTP 94.30% and as their information describes it. This means that, if they take £100 of wages, on average, the game will payout £94.30.

Now, as with all things the RTP is not quite as simple as it first appears. The key thing to note in the example above is the word, average. The catch is, this average can be over thousands of spins, in fact, hundreds of thousands of spins. I know what you are thinking, this means they are rigged and the RTP is pointless. Well, let’s get something clear here, the industry is far too heavily regulated for reputable casinos to rigg their slots. Government-backed regulators are all too keen to hit a company with a huge fine and make it very public too.

A good place to get some detailed information on RTP is the Gambling Commission. Set up in 2005 as one of the main regulators in the UK, you will see the detail behind how much work is put in place to keep the industry inline. But, more importantly, you will see how the RTP is monitored by the commission through remote testing and stringent audits. So the Return to Player is definitely something to look for if a slot has a percentage of 97% it certainly means there is less risk.

Get to Know the Game you are playing.

Let’s say you have taken a look at the additional information, you know the RTP, the paytables and swatted up on all of the boring stuff. But now you need to familiarise yourself with how the game plays and put all your efforts into action. Well, don’t jump straight in there using your own money. Remember, practice makes perfect, so take the demo option and play the game for free for a while.

Most of the main online slot providers offer a demo mode. So you can really take advantage of this, to get to grips with exactly how the game plays. But, if you are smart, you could try and look for a pattern in the game over a large number of spins. Let’s be straight here, the volatility of a slot machine is referring to the variance of the game. If you are seeing a machine payout small amounts and quite a lot in a demo mode, it would suggest that the game has low variance/volatility. Again, this is no guarantee that you are then going to win each and every time you play that game. But you sure are giving yourself a much better chance of understanding the risks of each game before you play with real money.

Winning more on Online Slot Machines?

Now, let’s be fair here. We are not suggesting that there is a silver bullet that will beat the slot machines. But, put simply, if you take your time and be mindful of the variance, volatility and the Return to Player. You are giving yourself the very best chance to play for longer with more wins that will give you more fun. Let’s be fair, that’s why we are playing an online slot to start with.


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